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The Marijuana Enforcement Division is tasked with licensing and regulating the Medical and Retail Marijuana industries in Colorado. Our mission is to promote public safety and reduce public harm by regulating the Colorado commercial marijuana industry through consistent administration of laws, regulations and strategic integration of process management, functional expertise, and innovative problem-solving.


The Division is extending the deadline to Feb. 29, 2024, for Licensees that achieved Reduced Testing Allowance prior to January 8 to submit their attestation and fee. An online option for submitting RTA attestation and fee is available via ML1 (click the 3 dots under "Actions" next to the license for which you wish to submit an RTA). Licensees may use the other methods described in Industry Bulletin 24-01. For more information about Reduced Testing Allowance, the attestation form or the fee, please refer to Industry Bulletin 24-01

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