Senior Director of Specialized Business Group

Five separate divisions comprise the Specialized Business Group: Auto Industry, Gaming, Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement, Marijuana Enforcement and Racing. The Specialized Business Group regulates limited stakes gaming, enforces the State's liquor and tobacco laws through licensing and compliance checks, regulates the horse racing industry, regulates and licenses the motor vehicle dealer industry, and regulates and licenses the cultivation, distribution, and sale of medical and retail marijuana.

The Senior Director's Office (SDO) serves as a link between the Specialized Business Group and the Department of Revenue Executive Director's Office, acting as a conduit in policy-related issues and operational matters of each division. The Senior Director's Office provides strategic direction, training management, administrative oversight, communication standards, and legislative guidance for all the SBG divisions.


Senior Director's Office:

Cory Amend 
Senior Director of Specialized Business Group
Phone: 303-866-6572

Roselle Morala
Executive Assistant for the Senior Director
Phone: 303-866-6572

Carolyn Berry
Training Manager
Phone: 720-675-4895

Suzi Karrer
Specialized Business Group Communications Supervisor
Phone: 303-621-4063

2019 Office of Professional Standards Annual Report

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