MED Industry Bulletins

At times it is necessary to provide industry members with time-sensitive information that provides additional guidance, short-term modification or clarification of compliance mandates. In those instances, the MED issues Industry Bulletins. Industry Bulletins that are issued prior to current statutory provisions or rules may reference statutory provisions or rules that are no longer in effect. The Marijuana Enforcement Division does not endorse or reject such bulletins. Please seek legal counsel if you have questions as to the validity of such Industry Bulletins.  

Additionally, interested parties may petition the Division to provide a Statement of Position concerning the applicability of any provision of the Marijuana Code or any regulation of the State Licensing Authority. 

Industry Bulletin 24-03 Review guidance for ASTM Standard D8250-19 (Standard) (4/8/2024)

Industry Bulletin 24-02 Electronic Copies of Inventory Tracking System-Generated Transport Manifests (3/27/24)

Industry Bulletin 24-01 Reduced Testing Allowance Attestation and Certification Fee  (1/5/24)

  • The Division is extending the deadline for Licensees that achieved Reduced Testing Allowance prior to January 8th to submit their attestation and fee from January 31, 2024 to February 29, 2024. Licensees can still submit the attestation and fee using the other methods described in Industry Bulletin 24-01 or may wait until the online submission option is available.

  • Reduced Testing Allowance Attestation Form, 1/18/24