All State Offices will be closed on Monday, October 2, in observance of Frances Xavier Cabrini Day.


Liquor and Tobacco COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Information

On March 16, 2020, Governor Polis ordered the closure of all Colorado Department of Revenue public-facing offices. The closure is in effect beginning on March 18, 2020 and is in place until further notice. The Liquor Enforcement Division office will be closed to the public during this time. Staff will be working and available to answer questions.

Licensing Information

The Division will be accepting license applications through a drop off box located in the Division's Lakewood Office (1697 Cole Blvd, Suite 200) lobby. Applications may also be submitted through the mail during the office closure period.

Clerk's Quarterly Round Table Reminder/Agenda, 7/29/2020

5/14/2020: LED Monthly Clerk Training

5/12/2020: LED - Delivery Permit Notification

Online payments can be made here:


1/28/2021: Bulletin 21-01 Reference: Continuation of Regulation 47-1103; Communal Outdoor Dining Areas to Promote Social Distancing

12/9/20: Bulletin 20-27 Reference:  Senate Bill 20B-001 - Grant Program and Waiver of Certain Liquor License Fees and Updated Fee Schedule

11/24/20: Bulletin 20-26 Reference: Guidance on Sealed Container Sales for Hotel Licensees

11/18/20Bulletin 20-25 Reference: Guidance on First Amended Public Health Order 20-36

10/31/2020: Bulletin 20-24 Reference: 47-1101(D)(9) Changes Effective November 1, 2020 - "SEALED CONTAINERS"

10/29/2020: Reference: COVID-19 Update

10/9/2020: Bulletin 20-22 Reference: Guidance on Executive Order D 2020-213

10/6/2020: Revised Bulletin 20-21 Reference: Guidance for Retail Liquor Store and Liquor Licensed Drugstore Tastings

9/22/2020: Bulletin 20-20 Reference: Tobacco Licensing Due to HB 20-1001

9/21/2020: Bulletin 20-19 Reference: Guidance on Executive Order D 2020-199

9/17/2020: Bulletin 20-18 Reference: Colorado Digital ID Resources Available for Trainers

8/26/2020: Bulletin 20-17 Reference: Supplier Sampling and Tour Procedures

8/24/2020: Bulletin 20-16 Reference: LED Guidance on Executive Director D 2020 170

8/13/2020: Bulletin 20-15 Reference: Further Guidance on Executive Order D 2020 144 and Prohibition of "Token" and "Ticket" redemption after 10:00 p.m.

7/23/2020: Bulletin 20-14 Reference: LED Guidance on Executive Order D 2020-144

7/22/2020: Bulletin 20-13 Reference: LED Guidance on Demonstrating Compliance with Executive Order D 2020-142

7/22/2020: Bulletin 20-12 Reference: Clarification on Executive Order D 2020-142 and Prohibition of Service and Consumption of Alcohol Beverages in Motor Vehicles

7/14/2020: strong>Bulletin 20-11 Reference: Regulation 47-1002 Temporary Relief, and Wholesaler Guidance for Retailer License Expiration

6/30/2020: Bulletin 20-10 Reference: Independence Day and Executive Order Guidance and Safety Measures

6/5/2020: Bulletin 20-09 Reference: Executive Order No. 20-093 - Temporary Modifications - Communal Outdoor Dining Areas and Public Consumption

5/22/2020: Bulletin 20-08 Reference: Temporary Modification due to COVID-19 Direct Filing with State Licensing Authority

Control Plan Example Letter (posted with Bulletin 20-08

5/15/2020: Bulletin 20-07 Reference: Emergency Regulations 47-302 (F) COVID-19 Temporary Modification of On-Premises Licenses and 47-1102 Compliance with Public Health Orders and Executive Orders Issued during Disaster Emergencies

5/1/2020: Bulletin 20-06 Reference: Updated Guidance Regarding LED Response to "Safer-At-Home" Orders

4/23/2020: Bulletin 20-05 Reference: One-Day Pick-Up "90 Day" Return of Malt and Fermented Malt Beverages

4/8/2020: Bulletin 20-04 Reference: Updated Guidance Regarding LED Response to COVID-19

4/1/2020: Bulletin 20-03 Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division Notice Guidance Regarding LED Response to COVID-19

LED COVID-19 Updates and Industry Guidance

4/24/2020: LED - COVID-19 UPDATE "What Does Safer-At-Home Mean?"

4/7/2020: Clerk Online Renewal Notification

Licensee Online Renewal Notification

4/2/2020:LED - Growlers and Crowlers Update

LED Emergency Regulations and Emergency Warning Label for Delivery and Takeout]

6/5/2020: LED Emergency Regulation 47-1103 Communal Outdoor Dining Areas To Promote Social Distancing

5/15/2020: LED Emergency Regulation 47-1102 Compliance with Public Health Orders and Executive Orders Issued During Disaster Emergencies

4/1/2020: LED Emergency Regulation 47-1101 Delivery and Take Out Sales Authorized Under Executive Order(s)

Emergency Warning Label for Delivery and Take Out

LED Notices

3/20/2020: LED Notice: Executive Order D2020 011: Temporary Suspension of Enforcement on On-Premise Retailed Licensees and Breweries to Sell, Deliver, or Provide Alcohol for Take Out

3/17/2020: LED- Operation Updates

Request for Service

Notification for Request of Services