MED State Licensing Authority Final Agency Actions

If an MED investigation indicates non-compliant activity, the Division may pursue administrative action in accordance with the Colorado Administrative Procedure Act. The resolution of that process most often results in a Final Agency Action taken by the Colorado State Licensing Authority (SLA). Final Agency Actions include:

  • Final Agency Order (FAO): a decision issued by the SLA following an administrative hearing before the Department of Revenue Hearings Division. Following the hearing, the Hearing Officer issues an Initial Decision, making findings of fact and conclusions of law based on the evidence presented at the hearing. Note that if neither party to the action contests an Initial Decision within thirty days, the Initial Decision becomes the Final Agency Action.

  • Stipulation, Agreement, and Order (SAO): an order reflecting terms of an agreement between the Division and the applicant/licensee. Examples of terms that may be reflected in an SAO  include, but are not limited to, admissions (the applicant/licensee acknowledging non-compliant activity), payment of a fine, surrender of licenses, and agreement to implement measures to reduce the risk of future non-compliance (such as establishing or updating standard operating procedures or implementing training measures).

Applicable Rules:

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