Manufacturer Representative Renewal - Auto Industry Division

How to Renew Your License

  • The AID office is required by law to send renewal packets 30 days prior to licenses expiring. A renewal application is mailed to the licensed dealer prior to the expiration of the salesperson license.

  • The license and surety bond expire 12 months after the month of issuance.

  •  A courtesy grace period of 30 days is granted after the expiration date.

  • In order to renew a current existing license, the Auto Industry Division must receive the renewal application prior to the license expiration date, after which a late fee will be assessed. 

  • A complete renewal packet must be returned to the AID office and include all of the documents that were mailed in the renewal packet.

Grace Period

A courtesy grace period of 30 days is granted after the expiration date. A renewal fee AND a late fee will be charged.

No longer employed by Manufacturer or Distributor listed on renewal?

If the information listed on the renewal is incorrect, contact the Auto Industry Division:

Renewal Form Not Received

If you did not receive a renewal form, contact the AID office immediately.

Expired License

If your license is expired but is within the 30 day grace period, you may renew your license and pay a renewal fee and a late fee.

Expired License Period and Expired Grace Period 

If your license is expired and the 30 day grace period has also expired, you may not renew. You must start over with an original application.



Renewal Application Checklist


1. Renewal Application
  • Complete the Renewal application received. Do not skip any steps.

  • You must check one (1) of the boxes for Representative Type.

2. Secure Verifiable Identification - Proof of Lawful Presence

All Auto Industry applications and forms require that a licensee use their FULL LEGAL name as shown on the applicants Driver License or Identification Card or proof of lawful presence document.

Submit a photocopy or a scanned copy of an appropriate identification such as a Colorado Driver License for the applicant. 

Examples of Proof of lawful presence documents are listed on the SVID Matrix form.

HB06S-1023 - EVIDENCE OF LAWFUL PRESENCE - All Dealers, Salespeople and Wholesalers must attach a copy of their verifiable ID to their application. Verifiable ID is required for original and renewal applications. You may learn more about this requirement by viewing the Verifiable ID Requirement link for Rules of Evidence of Lawful Presence - 1 CCR 201-17 located on the Secretary of State Office website.

3. Affidavit - Restrictions on Public Benefit
  • All Auto Industry applications and forms require that a licensee use their FULL LEGAL name as shown on the applicants Driver’s License or Identification Card.

  • Affidavit – Restriction on Public Benefits (DR 4679) – Submit a completed form. Form must be signed by the applicant. Not required for Corporations, LLC or LLP.

4. Checklist

Review the Checklist provided at the bottom of the renewal form. Ensure you have completed all steps in the checklist.

5. Additional Requirements
  • All documents submitted must be on 8.5” x 11” size paper.

  • Do not submit legal size copies.

  • Do not submit double sided copies.

  • Do not staple documents.

6. Receipt of Applications
  • The Auto Industry Division must receive the renewal application prior to the license expiration date. 

  • Applications received after the expiration date AND also within the 30 day grace period will be charged a Renewal fee AND a Late fee.

7. Incomplete Applications
  • All of the information provided on this web page is to assist you in ensuring that your application is not missing any required documentation.

  • The Auto Industry Division strongly recommends that you use this information to aid you in completing the application.

  • Any fields that are not complete may result in your application being rejected and may delay processing.

8. Pay Fee(s)

Check should be made payable to the Department of Revenue. All fees are subject to change July 1st of every year. See button labeled $ Fees

Manufacturer License Renewal - Online

Manufacturer Representative Renewal

The Auto Industry is now accepting applications online.

To apply online, you must first obtain a registration code. Registration codes can be obtained by any of the following methods:

  • During your renewal period, your renewal and a letter announcing the new online process will be mailed to you. The registration code is printed on the renewal. Safeguard this number and keep it for future reference.
  • You may request a Registration Code by emailing:
    • In the subject line please enter: Registration Code
  • Call the Auto Industry Division: (303)205-5604.

If your license is listed as "Inactive" or your renewal is in "30-day grace period," you must first renew your license before you can take any other actions on it.



The Auto Industry Division has created a training video that is available here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • To view or print any of the forms listed on this page, you will need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • You can download a copy from the Auto Industry home page - Quick Links