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Attribute Worksheets

Revised November 2022

Attachment Title/Format
Attachment A Cash Inventory Sheet
Attachment a Poker Bank Exchange Form 
Attachment B Daily Cash Summary
Attachment b Monthly Slot Revenue Summary
Attachment C Jackpot Payout/Fill Slip
Attachment c Table Games Mater Games Summary Report
Attachment D Slot Summary Report
Attachment d Table Games Statistical Report
Attachment E Bill Validator Summary
Attachment e Table Games Activity Log
Attachment F Count Weigh Wrap
Attachment f Cashable Electronic Promotion (CEP-In) Report
Attachment G Soft Meter Reading
Attachment g NCEP-In Report 
Attachment H Intentionally Deleted
Attachment h NCEP-Out Report
Attachment I Soft Count Card
Attachment J Request for Fill/Credit Slip
Attachment K Table Games Fill/Credit Slip
Attachment L Table Games Opener/Closer Slip
Attachment M Request for Table Games Jackpot Slip
Attachment N Table Games Jackpot Slip
Attachment O Poker Jackpot Count Card
Attachment P Drop Report Variance Investigation
Attachment Q Intentionally Deleted
Attachment R Jackpot Report Variance Investigation
Attachment S Ticket Out Report Variance Investigation
Attachment T Ticket In Report Variance Investigation
Attachment U Theo Hold Report Variance Investigation
Attachment V Table Games Master Games Sheet
Attachment W Kiosk Count Summary
Attachment X Table Games Payout Form
Attachment Y Mulit-Licensee Table Games Entry Fee & Buy-In Log
Attachment Z Table Games Entry Fee & Buy-In Log


Combined Attribute worksheets