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The staff of the Auto Industry Division (hereafter “AID”) is prohibited by law from giving legal advice. Staff members may provide information about a procedure, but they are not permitted to advise you as to how to proceed.

Additionally, members of the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board are appointed by the Governor, and make decisions collectively at public Board meetings. Regarding your case, they are not permitted to confer with you individually or with any other person acting on your behalf.

If you would like to consult with an attorney, you may contact any attorney of your choosing.



What Does the Denial of the Application Mean to You?

A. The Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer Board (hereafter, the “Board”) did not issue a permanent license to you.
B. Any “Temporary License” previously issued to you has been terminated. It is now null and void and no longer permits you to exercise the rights and privileges as a salesperson.

Your Options Following the Board's Denial of Your Application

A. TAKE NO ACTION  - If you choose to take no action on the Board’s denial of your license application, the Board’s denial will be final 60 days after the date on the certificate of service on the Notice of Denial. After that time, you will no longer be permitted to appeal the Board’s denial.

B. APPEAL THE DENIAL -  You may choose to appeal the Board’s denial of your license application by requesting a hearing. You may request a hearing by completing and submitting the “Request for Hearing to Appeal Denial of a Salesperson Application” form (hereafter, the “Hearing Request Form”) attached to this document or by a letter containing the information set forth in the form.  Your written request for a hearing must be received within 60 days after the date on the “Certificate of Service” found at the end of the Board’s Notice of Denial of your license application.  Your request for a hearing must be received by the AID no later than the close of business (5:00 PM, Mountain Time) on the 60th day. If the 60th day falls on a weekend or on a Colorado State holiday, you will have until the next business day to submit your hearing request. If your request is “late,” your request for a hearing will be denied as a matter of law.

C. ASSISTANCE IN CHOOSING HOW TO RESPOND TO THE BOARD’S DENIAL -  AID staff and Board members are prohibited by law from giving you legal advice. If you need assistance beyond the explanations provided in this document to make an informed decision on how to respond to the Board’s denial of your license application, you may consult, relatives, friends, co-workers, bosses, professionals in other capacities, or persons employed by one of the Associations that serve the Motor Vehicle and Power-Sports Dealers communities in Colorado or an attorney.

D. REPRESENTATION BY A COLORADO-LICENSED ATTORNEY -  If you decide to hire an attorney to represent you in the hearing on the denial of your license application, he or she must file an Entry of Appearance, either simultaneously with filing a Hearing Request or shortly thereafter.

Appeal of A Denied Salesperson Application




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