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November 30, 2021- Colorado Sports Betting Continues Upward Trend with Another Record-Breaking Month

October 29, 2021- September Sports Betting Figures Set Another Record with Return of Football

September 27, 2021- Colorado Division of Gaming Releases August 2021 Sports Betting Figures

September 23, 2021- $8.5 Million Given to Beneficiaries in the State’s First Distribution of Sports Betting Tax Revenues

September 2, 2021- Colorado Division of Gaming Releases July 2021 Sports Betting Figures

July 27, 2021- Colorado Division of Gaming Releases June 2021 Sports Betting Figures

June 25, 2021- Colorado Division of Gaming Releases May 2021 Sports Betting Figures

May 25, 2021- Colorado Collects $6.6 Million in Taxes from Sports Betting in the First Year

May 10, 2021- Colorado Closes Out the First Year of Sports Betting With Over $2.3 Billion in Wagers

April 27, 2021- Colorado Hits $2 Billion Mark in Sports Betting Wagers

March 30, 2021- CORRECTION NOTICE: Optimistic Outlook for Colorado Sports Betting Continues Despite Slight Decrease in February Wagers 

March 29, 2021- Optimistic Outlook for Colorado Sports Betting Continues Despite Slight Decrease in February Wagers

February 25, 2021- A New Year, A New Record-Setting Month for Sports Betting 

January 25, 2021- Sports Betting Caps Off 2020 with Over $1.1 Billion in Total Wagers


Media Release 12/22/2020: Colorado Sees Another Lucrative Month of Sports Betting Wagers 

Media Release 11/30/2020: Colorado Tax Revenues from Sports Betting Hit Record Total

Media Release 10/23/2020: Colorado Sports Betting Wagers Continue to Climb with Football's Return

Media Release 9/23/2020: Colorado Sports Betting Wagers See a 117% Increase in the Fourth Month of Legalization

Media Release 8/26/2020: Colorado Sports Betting Surged in July with the Return of National League Sports

Media Release 7/28/2020: June 2020 Figures for Sports Betting Wagering Released

Media Release 7/13/2020: Colorado Department of Revenue Releases Initial Revenue Report for First Month of Sports Betting Wagering


Media Release 11/7/2019: Colorado voters pass Proposition DD allowing for legalized sports betting in Colorado


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