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Social Equity License Eligibility Criteria

Social Equity License applicants can choose to operate independently or partner with an Accelerator- Endorsed Licensee.  In order to do either, the applicant must be:

  • A Colorado Resident, and
  • Have not previously owned a Regulated Marijuana Business that was subject to revocation, and
  • The Social Equity Licensee holds at least 51% ownership in the business, and
  • ONE of the following:
    • The Applicant resided for at least 15 years between the years 1980 and 2010 in a census tract designated by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade as an Opportunity Zone* or designated as a "Disproportionate Impacted Area";

    • The Applicant or Applicant's parent, legal guardian, sibling, spouse, child, or minor in their guardianship was arrested for a marijuana offense, convicted of a marijuana offense, or was subject to civil asset forfeiture related to a marijuana investigation; or

    • The Applicant's household income in a year prior to application did not exceed 50% of the state median income as measured by the number of people who reside in the Applicant's household.

The State Licensing Authority will not deny an application for a Social Equity License or a related request for a Finding of Suitability on the sole basis of a marijuana conviction.

*Learn more about the Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT)'s Opportunity Zones.

Social Equity Eligibility Tools

  • Unsure if you've resided in an Opportunity Zone or Disproportionate Impacted Area?
    • The MED, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Safety and the Department of Local Affairs' State Demography Office, is providing this tool to assist prospective applicants who may qualify for a Social Equity License based on the above-noted "Opportunity Zone" or "Disproportionate Impacted Area" eligibility criterion:
  • Unsure if you qualify for a Social Equity License based on the "Household Income" criterion?
    • Use this Median Income Table to identify the state where you (the applicant) resided in the year prior to your application and the number of individuals who resided in the applicant’s household. If your (the applicant’s) income in the year prior to application and as shown on your income tax return is less than the number shown in the column and row for your state of residence and household size, then you may qualify based on your household income.