Accelerator Program Social Equity Licensee


To begin the process, Applicants must FIRST submit a Natural Person Finding of Suitability Application. Fingerprints are required with the submission of the Suitability application which you can get by either:

The State Licensing Authority will not deny an application for a Social Equity License or a related request for a Finding of Suitability on the sole basis of a marijuana conviction.

Once your Finding of Suitability is approved, MED will send you an approval letter.  You have two years from the date of the letter to apply for a Regulated Marijuana Business License by submitting the Regulated Marijuana Business - Social Equity Program Application. Visit the Regulated Marijuana Business License webpage for more information. 

An Accelerator-Endorsed Licensee is an existing Retail Marijuana Licensee who has been endorsed to host and offer technical and capital support to a Social Equity Licensee pursuant to the requirements of the Accelerator Program, see MED Rule series 3-1105 to 3-1115.  Three types of Retail Marijuana Licenses currently participate in the Accelerator Program:

  • Retail Marijuana Cultavaion, 

  • Retail Marijuana Product Manufacturers and 

  • Retail Marijuana Stores. 

Social Equity Licensees wishing to participate in the Accelerator Program and the Accelerator Endorsed Licensee may either share a licensed premises or operate at a separate premises provided by the Accelerator Endorsed Licensee. 

To obtain a list of Accelerator Endorsed Licensees, visit the MED Licensee Look-Up Tool and follow these steps:

  • Ensure you are on the Facility Search page, 

  • In the first data entry field on the top left corner of the "Search Criteria" box,

  • Choose the Accelerator license type you want to partner with: 

    • Accelerator Store, 

    • Accelerator Cultivations, or

    • Accelerator Mfg.

    • Accelerator Store 

  • Click the "I am not a robot" box, and 

  • Finally, the "Search" box at the bottom right.