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License Transfer

C.R.S. 44-20-110 

If a salesperson chooses to transfer his or her working relationship to a new dealer for the remainder of the salesperson’s license year, he or she must submit a “Change of Employer Notification” to the board, along with any other required documents and a remittance to cover the license-reissue fee.


Because the former dealer may cancel the bond associated with the remainder of the salesperson’s license year, the salesperson must take any necessary steps to ensure that a valid salesperson’s bond will be in effect.


A salesperson shall not engage in sales activities until the dealer conspicuously displays the license of the salesperson in accordance with this regulation.

Authority to Sell Motor Vehicles


Transfer License Period

The new license will be issued for:

  • The remaining months of the 12-month license

  • Will display the salesperson’s name, the new employing dealer’s name, license number and address.

  • The license will be mailed to the new employing dealer.

Terminated Employees

When a salesperson terminates employment with a dealership, the dealer is required to return the salesperson license to the Auto Industry Division.

  • The salesperson must immediately cease selling until employment at another dealership is obtained and proper notification is given to the Auto Industry Division.


Engaging in Sales Activities

A salesperson shall not engage in sales activities until the dealer conspicuously displays the license of the salesperson in accordance with this regulation

Missing Change of Employer Notification Form

If you do not have this form, submit a request for a "reprint" copy of this form. You will be charged the REPRINT fee. Fees

How to Apply





Salesperson Transfer Application Checklist



1. Change of Employer Notification Form 
  • Submit the bottom section of this form only.
  • The top section of this form (section in red) should not be submitted to the Auto Industry Division.
  • The "red" section is the license section and should be posted at the Dealership OR held by the Salesperson.
2. Surety Bond
  • A new bond is only required if your bond has changed during the license period.
3. Pay Fee(s)

Check should be made payable to the Department of Revenue. All fees are subject to change July 1st of every year. See button labeled $ Fees.

Transfer Form - It is labeled with the following: To transfer, detach this section (indicating bottom) and submit to AID. If you do not have this section, you will need a reprint and an additional fee will be charged.

Salesperson Transfer - Online

Salesperson Transfer 


The Auto Industry is now accepting applications online.


To apply online, you must first obtain a registration code. Registration codes can be obtained by any of the following methods:


  • During your renewal period, your renewal and a letter announcing the new online process will be mailed to you. The registration code is printed on the renewal. Safeguard this number and keep it for future reference.
  • You may request a Registration Code by emailing: dor_aidlicensing@state.co.us. In the subject line please enter: Registration Code
  • Call the Auto Industry Division: (303)205-5604.


If your license is listed as "Inactive" or your renewal is in "30-day grace period," you must first renew your license before you can take any other actions on it.




The Auto Industry Division has created a training video that is available here.



Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • To view or print any of the forms listed on this page, you will need a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  • You can download a copy from the Auto Industry home page - Quick Links


For additional information contact the Auto Industry Division at (303) 205-5604 or e-mail your question to: dor_aidlicensing@state.co.us