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Cannabis Sustainability Work Group

We’re excited to announce that the MED has stepped in to facilitate the Cannabis Sustainability Work Group (CSWG) going forward. The Cannabis Sustainability Work Group’s mission is to promote sustainability in the cannabis industry through education, the development and dissemination of best practices, and the facilitation of dialogue between the cannabis industry, the community, and technical experts.

Members of the workgroup represent a variety of stakeholders, including cannabis business owners, consultants and contractors, government, and sustainability and policy experts. Each member of the Work Group participates in one of four committees: Events & Outreach, Best Management Practices & Data, Policy, Symposium, Commercialization, Language & Literacy.

Visit the new Cannabis Sustainability Work Group webpage

New $.10 Bag Fee

For more information about the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act (HB 21-1162) and the $0.10 bag fee, please visit the Department of Revenue’s informational carryout bag fee webpage and contact your local government offices, which are responsible for administering and collecting the fee. 

In determining how your business may comply with HB 21-1162, including through the use of reusable bags, please keep in mind that MED Rules require that Regulated Marijuana Concentrate and Product be sold in a Child-Resistant Container. Any Regulated Marijuana flower, trim, or seeds sold must be placed into a Child-Resistant Container, or a Child-Resistant Exit Package if the Container itself is not Child-Resistant. A Regulated Marijuana Store is not required to place a Child-Resistant Container into an Opaque Exit Package. A Regulated Marijuana Store may choose to allow a customer to bring in their own Exit Package so long as all packaging requirements are met. See Rule 1-115 for definitions of Container and Exit Package and Rules 3-1010(B)(11)(a) and (b) and 3-1010(C)(1) for additional information regarding MED Rule requirements related to packaging and labeling.  

Colorado Green Business Network (formerly ELP)

On behalf of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, we're excited to announce the launch of the new and improved Colorado Green Business Network (CGBN), formerly known as the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). The CGBN is a voluntary program that encourages, supports, and rewards organizations that go beyond the requirements of environmental regulations and move toward the goal of true, operational sustainability. Learn more about the program on the CGBN Website, linked here!

The CGBN provides free technical assistance, connections to resources, and recognition, in order to support organizations throughout the state in increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their operation through assessing opportunities for growth, recognizing success, and providing connections to like-minded businesses throughout the state.

The Colorado Green Business Network uses an online reporting tool called GreenBizTracker, which allows businesses to register for free and store information on their sustainable practices in a format that we use to evaluate & assist businesses according to our recognition criteria.

Interested businesses can sign up in GreenBizTracker any time to receive technical assistance and support. For those interested in formal certification, the Colorado Green Business Network application (submitted through the GreenBizTracker platform) will need to be completed and submitted by June 30th in order to be considered.

Click here to create your account in GreenBizTracker, and get started on your sustainability journey! Businesses based in Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, Superior, and Westminster: please use this GreenBiz Tracker application to ensure you are directed to the correct program.

Free Opportunity Assessments

The network offers free opportunity assessments, which are on-site visits to help businesses identify easy, high-impact changes that will help the organization save money and resources. The assessments are done at no cost for all sizes and types of businesses. 

Colorado Cultivators Energy Management

2020 MED Sustainability Town Hall Information