MED Regulated Marijuana Business Owners

COVID Notice

As state public health officials are calling for "social distancing" consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Marijuana Enforcement Division is adopting measures to minimize exposure between employees and also between employees and the public.

Starting Wednesday, March 18, MED Business Operations will continue and services to the public will remain available, however, all MED office lobbies will not be open to the public. During this time, MED is providing modified licensing services, outlined below. Other than these adjustments to our licensing operations, it is business as usual at MED.

Any Colorado Regulated Marijuana Business Owner who has 10% interest, or greater or Controls* the Regulated Marijuana Business should submit the appropriate Finding of Suitability Application:

Finding of Suitability Natural Person Application

Please Note: Fingerprints are required with the submission of this application: applicants must visit a Colorado State Approved Third-Party Fingerprint Provider and include your fingerprint receipt with your application packet.

  Download Marijuana Finding of Suitability Application – Natural Person

Download application, unless applying digitally (more information below).

Finding of Suitability of Owner Entity Application (Business Entity)

  Download Marijuana Finding of Suitability Application – Owner Entity

Download application, unless applying digitally (more information below).

Regulated Marijuana Businesses withholding companies that were disclosed in MED business applications approved prior to November 1, 2019, may now be subject to suitability and licensure requirements pursuant to HB19-1090. Prior to the effective date of House Bill 19-1090, such holding companies were not subject to licensure requirements. However, the Division has identified prior-disclosed holding companies that are now considered Controlling Beneficial Owners subject to suitability and licensure requirements. To facilitate an efficient and operable process for the issuance of Owner Licenses, holding companies disclosed by a Regulated Marijuana Business in applications approved prior to November 1, 2019, need not submit suitability applications. The Division will issue Owner License numbers and assign expiration dates for such holding companies at the Regulated Marijuana Business's next application submission. Please note that all Owner Licenses are subject to renewal requirements. Further, Regulated Marijuana Businesses should review the organizational structure for these holding companies to confirm their Executive Officers and Members of the Board of Directors possess an Owner License. Any such person not exempt from suitability must submit a suitability application and the $800.00 natural person suitability fee.


Application Checklist



1. Submit Application

Submit the Finding of Suitability application specific to the owner in question - Natural Person or Owner Entity

2. Submit Identification

Your submission must include a copy of your driver license or Colorado ID Card.

3. Fingerprints

You must have your fingerprints taken prior to submitting your application. During this time, the MED will not be offering in-office fingerprint services. Applicants may have fingerprints taken using a third-party vendor. When submitting your application, please include a copy of your receipt showing you completed your fingerprints by visiting one of the following providers:

4. Pay Application Fee

The MED cannot complete the intake of your application without the application fee. 

  • Please include a check, money order or credit card authorization with your application submission. NO CASH will be accepted.
  • To accommodate email submissions, the MED is also offering an online payment option available via the Colorado Interactive Payment System. For applicants using this online payment option, a MED staff member will contact you via email with a link to submit your payment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: inaccurate payment may delay the issuance of your license. Full and proper payment is required, so please double-check your payment before submitting it! For a summary of fees, please see our MED Fee Schedule.

How to Submit Your Application

Applications may be submitted to the Lakewood Office ONLY:


Submit by Mail

Marijuana Enforcement Division
1697 Cole Blvd., Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80401

Submit Digitally

Do you want to RENEW your license? Please visit our owner license renewal page.

For NEW applications, use your computer, phone, or another device with internet access to submit your applicationFor detailed instructions see our training video. 

We want your feedback! Please use this Google Form to tell us about your experience using the digital application.


Drop Off Your Application

MED Lakewood Office - at 1697 Cole Blvd., Suite 200, Lakewood, CO  80401 -will provide a secure receptacle for applicants to drop-off their new owner license applications from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. weekdays until further notice.