MED Employee License Renewal - Formerly Support and Key Licenses

COVID Notice

As state public health officials are calling for "social distancing" consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Marijuana Enforcement Division is adopting measures to minimize exposure between employees and also between employees and the public.

Starting Wednesday, March 18 business operations will continue and services to the public will remain available, however, all MED office lobbies will not be open to the public.

How to Renew Your License

Please be aware that you cannot renew an expired license/badge if you allow your badge to expire you must reapply for a new employee license.

Employee License Renewal Applications may only be submitted online using the E-Government Portal to Submit Your Employee License Renewal Application- Please be aware that submissions cannot be made from a cell phone.


Application Checklist



1. Submit a Renewal Application

Visit our e-gov information page to renew your application.

2. Submit Supporting Documents

Applicable documents must be signed prior to submission to
the MED, via the online application.

  • Provide a copy of your ID Compliant identification, as proof of residency, with your application 
    • Your identification must have a photo
    • You can apply with an out-of-state id but it must be current and ID Compliant
      • If your identification is not current and ID compliant, you must provide a secure form of identification which can include: 
        • a state-certified birth certificate
        • a social security card
        • a valid US passport
3. Pay Application Fee

Submit a NON-REFUNDABLE application fee for a two-year license.

  • Please see the fee table for current fees
  • If paying by check or money order, please send only the amount due.  DO NOT add on extra service fees, as they do not apply to fees submitted by mail.

After You Apply

Employee licensees will receive an e-Gov generated receipt upon submission of their application and required fees. Employee should maintain their e-Gov generated receipt until they receive their new badge via mail. To minimize disruptions to employee licensee work schedules, Employee licensees with a valid license who submitted their application and payment via e-Gov and are only waiting to receive their renewed badge via mail may continue to exercise the privileges of their license so long as they maintain their e-Gov generated receipt on their person while working at or for a MED licensed business.

Further, to assist in any need for state or local regulators or local law enforcement to verify a licensee's identification, such licensees are encouraged to maintain accessible picture identification (e.g. driver license or ID card) when exercising the privileges of their license. The status of a MED license can also be verified by using the licensee lookup tool available on the MED's website.

If the renewal applicant fails to pass the background check you will have an opportunity to request a meeting to resolve any issues. If you choose not to pursue this option you must return your expired badge to the MED and discontinue your employment within Colorado's Marijuana Industry.