Liquor Retail License

How to Apply

To apply for a Liquor Retail Application, download and complete the application form. Also include supporting documentation when submitting your application.


Application Checklist

1. Submit a completed Liquor Retail License Application form
  • Applicant/Licensee identified
  • State sales tax license number listed or applied for at time of application
  • License type or other transaction identified
  • Return originals to local authority (additional items may be required by the local licensing authority)
  • All sections of the application need to be completed
  • Master file applicants must include the Application for Master File form and applicable fees to this Retail License Application
2. Submit a Completed Wholesaler Affidavit of Compliance form (Transfer Applicants Only)
3. Pay the application fees
4. Submit a diagram of the Premises
  • No larger than 8 1/2" X 11"
  • Dimensions included (does not have to be to scale). Exterior areas should show type of control (fences, walls, entry/exit points, etc.)
  • Separate diagram for each floor (if multiple levels)
  • Kitchen - identified if Hotel and Restaurant
  • Bold/Outlined Licensed Premises
5. Proof of Property Possession (One Year Needed)
  • Deed in name of the applicant (or) (matching question #2) date stamped / filed with County Clerk
  • Lease in the name of the applicant (or) (matching question #2)
  • Lease assignment in the name of the applicant with proper consent from the landlord and acceptance by the applicant
  • Other agreement if not deed or lease. (matching question #2)
6. Background Information and Financial Documents
7. Sole Proprietor/Husband and Wife Partnership (if applicable)
8. Corporate Applicant Information (If Applicable)
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Authorization if foreign corporation (out of state applicants only)
9. Partnership Applicant Information (If Applicable)
  • Partnership Agreement (general or limited)
  • Certificate of Good Standing
10. Limited Liability Company Applicant Information (If Applicable)
  • Copy of Articles of Organization
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Copy of Operating Agreement (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Authorization if foreign LLC (out of state applicants only)
11. Manager registration for Hotel and Restaurant, Tavern, Lodging & Entertainment, and Campus Liquor Complex licenses when included with this application
  • $30.00 fee
  • Individual History Record
  • If owner is managing, no fee required