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Liquor - Responsible Vendor Trainers


Dear Responsible Vendor Trainers,

The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division held a series of Working Groups this year, which updated a few provisions in Regulation 47-605 related to responsible vendor training programs:

  1. The recertification period has been adjusted to require recertification every two (2) years in order to ensure that marketplace realities and legislative changes are up to date and being reviewed consistently; 

  2. Topics to be covered in responsible vendor training programs now include identification and recognition of visible intoxication, including polysubstance use, as well as common issues related to takeout and/or delivery sales by both on and off premises licensees; and

  3. It was also decided to allow responsible vendor trainers to use Live Streaming for education and testing. To make this clear, "Live Streaming" is not the same as an online training program. In order to use live streaming, the trainer needs to have live interaction with the students where both parties can see each other and the test must be administered in a way as to not to compromise the integrity of the results. If you are interested in offering "Live Streaming" Responsible Vendor Training, please complete the attached application form and provide the Liquor Enforcement Division a clear and concise procedure detailing how you will offer such training to ensure live, face to face training is taking place and testing is completed by the person who is actually signed up for the class.

Once approved for live-streaming training, the Division will add the term "Live Streaming Offered" next to the Vendors listed on our website who have completed this application and received approval. 

The attached application may also be used to certify new vendors who wish to be added to the website and have submitted approved applications and materials to the Division.

Please send all material to

If you have any questions, please contact LED at