Sports Betting Vendor Minor License

Apply Online


A Vendor Minor license may now be applied for online.  You will need to create a user ID using your email address in order to access the renewal site. This service is also available for updating demographic information.


Requirements for online applications are the same as if you visit one of the Division of Gaming’s locations or mail in an application.  You should be in good standing with all Gaming Regulations before attempting to apply online. If you have questions or concerns, please visit one of our offices or call (303) 205-1300.

To apply online, ensure you have the necessary information available to upload electronically before beginning the online application.   

A credit card is necessary for making payments online and users will be charged $.75 per transaction plus 2.25% of the amount of the service fee. Submissions will not be accepted once your badge expiration date has passed.



Online Application Checklist 

  • Criminal History Dispositions (if applicable)

Apply by Paper

Download the PDF application form in order to fill out. You may mail or drop off at the office using the address found below.



Application Checklist 


  1. Completed Vendor Minor License Application Form
  2. Copy of Form of Identification
  3. Criminal History Dispositions (if applicable)

Schedule a Licensing Appointment

Should you experience any problems scheduling an appointment or have questions about the process, please call 303-205-1300. Thank you.

How to Submit Your Application



Submit by Email

Send your completed application and supporting materials to:



Submit by Mail or Drop Off

Mail or deliver your application and supporting materials to:

1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300
Lakewood, CO 80401