Sports Betting Rules and Regulations

Sports Betting Rulemaking Information


How Does Rulemaking Work?

Changes to Colorado Gaming and Sports Betting Rules may be proposed by the public, the gaming or sports betting industry, the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission (Commission), or from within the Division of Gaming (Division). Proposed Rule changes are forwarded to a Division subject matter expert to analyze and to draft the proposed language with which to begin the formal rulemaking process.

Once the proposed language has been developed, the proposed Rules are published on the Division web page and a rulemaking workshop is scheduled. Stakeholders are invited to attend the workshop and are encouraged to provide comment and concerns regarding the proposed Rule language. Occasionally comments are solicited via email to stakeholders in lieu of an in person workshop.

The Division then files a Notice of Formal Rulemaking with the Secretary of State's Office and the Dept. of Regulatory Affairs. No sooner than 30 days after the Notice is filed, the proposed Rules are heard at a public hearing during a meeting of the Gaming Commission. Stakeholders are welcome to attend rulemaking hearings at the monthly Commission meetings, where they may give testimony regarding proposed Rule changes. If the Commission votes to adopt the proposed changes they would become effective approximately 45 to 60 days after adoption. Adopted Rules are posted on the Division web page.