Sports Betting Rulemaking

Past Sports Betting Rulemaking Workshop

May 25, 2021: Fixed Odds Horse Racing

The Division of Gaming held a workshop regarding fixed odds horse racing on May 25, 2021. Various members of the Colorado Division of Gaming, Division of Racing, and horse racing industry were in attendance as well as representatives from other horse racing, sports wagering, and regulatory organizations.


Find the workshop recording here.

March 16, 2020: Sports Betting Rule 3

The Commission adopted emergency rules regarding sports betting licensing at the November 21, 2019, monthly meeting. These emergency rules will expire 120 days after adoption. On December 14, 2019, the Division filed a permanent version of the Rule with the Secretary of State's office.

On January 16, 2020, the Commission voted unanimously to approve the permanent version of Sports Betting Rule 3.

Sports Betting Rule 3 will be effective March 16, 2020.

Proposed Sports Betting Rule 3 Applications, Investigations and Licensure

Emergency Rules for Sports Betting- Licenses

Draft Rules: Stakeholder Working Groups January 31, 2020

Videos from Round 2 Stakeholder working groups:

-#1 General Rules Morning Sesion:

-#2 General Rules Afternoon Session:

Draft Rules: Stakeholder Working Groups December 9-11, 2019

Videos from Round 1 Stakeholder working groups:

-#1 General Rules:

-#2 Compliance:

-#3 Technology:

-#4 Integrity & Information:

-#5 Responsible Gaming: