Special Events Permit



A Special Event Permit issued under this article may be issued to an organization, whether or not presently licensed under Articles 4 and 3 of this title, which has been incorporated under the laws of this state for the purpose of a social, fraternal, patriotic, political or athletic nature, and not for pecuniary gain or which is a regularly chartered branch, lodge or chapter of a national organization or society organized for such purposes and being non profit in nature, or which is a regularly established religious or philanthropic institution, and to any political candidate who has filed the necessary reports and statements with the Secretary of State pursuant to Article 45 of Title 1, C.R.S. A Special Event permit may be issued to any municipality owning arts facilities at which productions or performances of an artistic or cultural nature are presented for use at such facilities.

How to Apply

To apply for a Special Events Permit, download and complete the application form. 



Application Checklist


  1. Submit a completed Special Events Permit Application. The application must first be submitted to the Local Licensing Authority (city or county) at least thirty (30) days prior to the event.
  2. Pay the application fee. Make checks payable to the Colorado Department Of Revenue.
  3. Diagram of the area to be licensed (not larger that 8 1/2" X 11" reflecting bars, walls, partitions, ingress, egress and dimensions. Note: If the event is to be held outside, please submit evidence of intended control, i.e., fencing, ropes, barriers, etc.
  4. Copy of deed, lease, or written permission of owner for use of the premises.
  5. Certificate of good corporate standing (NONPROFIT) issued by Secretary of State within last two years; or
    1. If not incorporated, a NONPROFIT charter; or
    2. If a political Candidate, attach copies of reports and statements that were filed with the Secretary of State.
  6. Public notice of the proposed event and procedure for protesting issuance of the permit shall be conspicuously posted at the proposed location for at least (10) days before approval of the permit by Local Licensing Authority. (44-5-106 C.R.S.)
  7. State Licensing Authority must be notified of approved applications by Local Licensing Authorities within ten (10) days of approval.