Retail Establishment Permit



Established by House Bill 23-1061

A Retail Establishment permit can be issued to a Retail Establishment who's primary purpose is to sell goods or services to the public at a physical building in Colorado and who has less than 50% of its establishment’s gross sales of goods/services are from the sale of food, or to an Art Gallery.

To qualify, a Retail Establishment must have no more than 25 employees; AND retail sales of no more than $5 million per year.

How to Apply/Renew

To apply or renew a Retail Establishment Permit, download and complete the application form. 


Application Checklist

  1. Submit a completed Retail Establishment Permit Application
  2. Attach a copy of a deed or lease in the exact name of the applying entity only, reflecting possession of the permitted area for at least the minimum duration of this permit (1 year from date of issuance)
  3. Attach a diagram of the premises which accurately reflects the area where alcohol beverages will be stored, served, possessed or consumed.
  4. Pay an Application Fee of $93.25 (fees can be paid online here)