Renew a Gaming Support License

How to Renew Your License

There are two ways to renew a support license with the Division of Gaming: PDF Application, or EGov Online Renewal.

Schedule a Licensing Appointment

The Division of Gaming appointment scheduling link is being maintained by the Division of Motor Vehicle section. Should you experience any problems scheduling an appointment or have questions about the process, please call 303-205-1300. Thank you.

Renew Online

Support licenses may now be renewed online.  You will need to use your license number and your Social Security Number in order to create a user ID and access the online renewal system.  This service is also available for duplicate badges and updating demographic information.

Requirements for online renewal applications are the same as if you visit one of the Division of Gaming’s locations or mail in an application.  You should be in good standing with all Gaming Regulations before attempting to renew online.  You have ninety (90) days to renew your license before it expires.  Do not try to renew online the day before your license expires.  Applicants will need to come into a Gaming office at least once every six (6) years to have your photo retaken if a badge is required.  If you have questions or concerns, please visit one of our offices or call (303) 205-1300.

To renew online, ensure you have the necessary information collected and available to upload electronically before beginning the online application.   

To begin the process for online renewal, start the renewal process in the e-government system.  A credit card is necessary for making payments online and users will be charged $.75 per transaction plus 2.25% of the amount of the service fee.  Submissions will not be accepted once your badge expiration date has passed.



Online Renewal Checklist


  1. Report Arrests: As a licensee, you are required to let the Division of Gaming know when you are arrested.
  2. Report Court Appearances: As a licensee, you are required to let the Division of Gaming know when you go to court. 
  3. Update Contact Information: As a licensee, you are required to update the Division of Gaming with your new address if you move. 
  4. Report Underage Gambling: As a licensee, it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep people under 21 from gambling or lingering in the casino.  If you see someone underage, report it.
  5. Please ensure you have proper identification to upload, as well as complete the following forms to upload:
    1. Investigation Authorization – Authorization to Release Information
    2. Authorization for Disclosure for the Colorado Department of Revenue
    3. Statement of Understanding

Renew by Paper Application

The Renewal Application (PDF) must be downloaded and saved in order to fill and sign.



Paper Renewal Checklist


  1. Complete Paper Application
  2. Copy of Form of Identification
  3. Criminal History Dispositions (if applicable)
  4. Additional supporting documents​

How to Submit Your Paper Renewal Application


Submit by Email

Email application and supporting documents to:


Submit by Mail or Drop Off

1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 350
Lakewood, CO 80401

Note: A support gaming license is considered a public benefit. Under Colorado law, persons applying for a public benefit must establish lawful presence in the United States by providing certain types of identification and submitting a signed affidavit. The support application contains the necessary forms to establish lawful presence. For more information on lawful presence requirements, visit the main Department of Revenue web site.