Support License - Racing

How to Apply

There are three ways to apply for a Support license with the Division of Racing Events: Via PDF application, online application, or via making an in-person or online appointment. Below you will find  instructions for each. Use the Application Checklist below to make sure you are prepared to complete the application process prior to any submission.

Application Fee:


An additional $39.50 will be applied if the Division is processing fingerprints

Application Checklist


1. Provide Identification: Applicants must provide a valid driver’s license with photo, State I.D., Passport or certified copy of your birth certificate. United States work authorization and alien registration documents will be required for non-citizens. If submitting online, the system will request an uploaded copy as part of the process. If submitting via email or mail, please include a copy in your sending.

2. Submit Fingerprints: Fingerprint submissions are required for all new license applications, and every subsequent six years or second renewal application. Visit our Fingerprints page for more details on submission.

3. Payment of Fees: Applicants must submit payment of licensing fees. Costs are as follows: $36.50 New License $26.00 for a Renewal. An additional $39.50 will be applied to New and Renewals if the Division is processing fingerprints. If utilizing the online system, payment will be made at the end via credit/ debit card. If utilizing mail a check can be sent mailed in. A credit/ debit card can also be used by contacting the Division and taking the payment over the phone. In cases of credit and debit card use a fee $.75 per transaction plus 2.25% of the fee amount will be added.

4. Financial Asset / Liabilities Information: Applicants will be required to input specific information about their personal financial assets and liabilities.

5. Criminal and Racing History: Applicants will be required to input specific details about their criminal history and regulatory history related to racing and gaming industries.

6. Related Business Information: If this application is related to a Division of Racing Events business license the applicant will be required to input details of their relationship to said business.

7. HISA Registration: Applicants involved with the training and/or handling of THOROUGHBRED horses must be registered with the Horse Integrity and Safety Authority as a covered person. Submission of that registration number will be required for this application. To complete said registration visit https://www.hisaus.org/. Entry of a Division license number will be required for registration so applicants without a current license number please contact the Division to be assigned one.

8. W-9 Submission: Applicants that have a Horseman's Account must submit a W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) form. The form can be found here or can be provided by the Division upon request

9.  Additional Forms and Testing: Some applicants may require additional forms or testing to be submitted as mentioned in the application. Links to those forms are included in the online application or lined at the bottom of this page.

Apply Online

The Support license may now be applied for online using the link to the right titled Access Online Application. Please ensure you have the necessary information available to upload electronically before beginning the online application. Users will need to create an account using your email address in order to access the online application system. 

Please utilize the link to the right titled Online System Walkthrough for help with the online application process.

For renewals of existing licenses a registration number along with your license number may be needed if the license doesn't populate on its own. Please contact the Division to receive your registration number if needed.

To apply online, ensure you have the necessary information available to upload electronically before beginning the online application. To begin the process for an online application, start the process in the online system.  A credit card is necessary for making payments online and users will be charged $.75 per transaction plus 2.25% of the amount of the service fee. 

Apply By Paper Application 

Use the link to the right titled Download Support Application to download the paper application. It can be filled out electronically or printed and filled out. Please make sure to include all required documents along with the application. Applications can be submitted using the two avenues listed below.

Additional Help/ Schedule a Licensing Appointment

Should you experience any problems with completing the application process or you have questions about the process, please call 303-619-2696 or email dor_Racing_Licensing@state.co.us. If you would like to schedule an in-person or remote appointment please use the link to the right. Note that during the Bally's Arapahoe Park offseason all appointments will be conducted on-line or via the phone. During the live racing season, in-person appointments at the track Racing Office can be scheduled. Walk-in appointments at the track will be extremely limited.


You can submit your application by email, mail or delivery.



Submit by Email

Please email your application to:



Submit by Mail or Drop Off

1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300 Lakewood, CO 80401

During the racing season applications can be dropped off at the Racing Office of Bally's Arapahoe Park located at 26000 E. Quincy Ave. Aurora, CO 80016.



Note: A Support Occupational Racing license is considered a public benefit. Under Colorado law, persons applying for a public benefit must establish lawful presence in the United States by providing certain types of identification and submitting a signed affidavit. The Lawful Presence Affidavit must accompany the Support Occupational License Application form. For more information on lawful presence requirements, visit the main Department of Revenue website.