Racing Support License

About the License


The State of Colorado requires a Support Occupational License issued by the Division of Racing Events in order to race in Colorado. Support Occupational Licenses are valid for three years.

Between renewal years, licensees will need to submit a validation form to the Division of Racing every year. To expedite the validation process, The Division of Racing recommends submitting validation cards to the Division Offices prior to your arrival at Arapahoe Park via the online form. Please email us at with any licensing questions or concerns. 

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Who Needs a Support License?


Apprentice Jockey
Assistant Mutuel Manager
Assistant Racing Secretary
Assistant Starter
Assistant Trainer
Authorized Agent
Clerk of Scale
Director of Simulcasting
Horse Person’s Bookkeeper

Hub Supervisor
Jockey Agent
Lure Operator
Money Room Manager
Mutuel Employee
OTB Manager

Owner/Assistant Trainer
Paddock Judge
Placing Judge    
Private Veterinarian
Security Guard
Tote Technician
Video Operator