Passage of SB19-028

February 22, 2019

Dear Stakeholders,

On June 4, 2018, SB 18-243 became law that discontinued the use of the fermented malt beverage (FMB) on/off license that allowed the licensee to sell 3.2% beer for both on- and off-premises consumption. Over the next year after the passage of the bill, licensees who held this type of license had to convert either to an on-premises or off-premises license.

On February 20, 2019, SB 19-028 was signed into law that allowed for the continuance (or conversion) of the FMB on/off premises license in counties with less than 35,000 in population and in "underserved" areas as defined by statute.

The Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) will be sending letters to FMB on/off premises licensees who already converted their license to either an on- or off-premises license and now qualify to convert back to an FMB on/off license to determine if they wish to convert back to an FMB on/off license. The letter will contain instructions on how to notify the local and state licensing authorities to process this conversion.

For those FMB on/off licensees who are in the process of converting your license to either an on- or off-premises license and have not yet received your converted license, please contact your local licensing authority to determine if you are eligible to continue your FMB on/off license. If eligible, you may either continue to convert your license to an on- or off-premises license or keep your current FMB on/off license.

If you obtained a new FMB on-premises or a new FMB off-premises license after June 4, 2018, you are not eligible to automatically convert to an FMB on/off license. However, if you are eligible, you may apply for a new FMB on/off license through your local licensing authority.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division