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Online License Renewal Available for Direct Wine Shipping Permits

In an effort to improve and streamline our processes and services, the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) is starting to incorporate online licensing in Colorado. The LED is excited to announce the first roll out of this effort with the launching of our first online renewal licensing for direct shipping permits issued to wineries in and out of Colorado.

What You Should Know About the New Online Renewal Process for Direct Shipping Permits:

1. The new online licensing does not apply to a NEW direct shipping permit, which still has to be submitted via mail and paid for by check.

2. When a direct shipping permit renews, the LED will send the renewal form and include a one-page letter giving instructions on how to set up their online account to renew. The letter will have a specific code for just that licensee that they will use to log on to the online portal (also known as eGov).

3. Once the licensee has the account, they can renew their license online using a credit card or account debit. Once the renewal is submitted, LED licensing staff will review the renewal application and approve once everything is complete. The licensee will receive their renewed license electronically so there will be no need to mail it to them.

4. Once the licensee has an online account, the LED can send renewal notices electronically in addition to the paper renewal that is mandated by law.

5. The new system will cut down the amount of time it takes our licensing staff to review and approve the renewals. Currently, the LED renews over 1,500 direct shipping permits each year.

6. This new system is not mandatory, and the licensee can still choose to submit the paper application along with a check.

The LED is working to roll out more online licensing options in the near future, including the tracking of liquor-licensed drugstore employees for seller-server requirements and a look-up system for license information on our website, instead of posting monthly lists. We believe these changes will greatly improve and enhance our licensing processes. Stay tuned for details about the release of additional online options.

If you have any questions concerning the new renewal process for direct shipping permits, send us an email at