Social Equity Program Advisory Work Group


Welcome to the Social Equity Program Advisory Work Group (SEPAWG) webpage! SEPAWG is a work group to discuss, collaborate and advise the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) on the state's Social Equity Program.

New Reports:

The MED has released the Social Equity Program Findings & Opportunities Report created in collaboration with the Social Equity Program Advisory Work Group members. The report organizes the Advisory Work Group’s feedback into a summary of findings and opportunities that, if implemented, could promote program enhancements.

Similar to the Advisory Work Group, this report was not statutorily mandated. Based on work group discussions since 2022, stakeholders identified challenges within the Social Equity Program that would require legislative changes. The opportunities outlined in this report reflect the findings and implementation considerations, including potential fiscal impacts.

The findings and opportunities identified in the report are a product of the Social Equity Program Advisory Work Group and should not be construed as recommendations or specific opinions of the State Licensing Authority, OEDIT’s Cannabis Business Office, Governor’s Office, or Attorney General’s Office. 


The Data and Findings Presentation shares results from the Ownership Climate Survey conducted by the MED. The survey was created to allow MED to better understand the experiences, challenges, and needs of Colorado’s marijuana business owners and help us identify potential areas where additional support might be helpful. This recording focuses on key areas of interest specifically related to the state's Social Equity Program – including its influence, industry engagement, and potential opportunities for expanded support.


SEPAWG Discussion Subjects: 

  • Discuss the social equity program and its effectiveness
  • Generate potential rule (and other) recommendations
  • Other topics as needed

You do not have to be a work group member to have your voice heard! All members of the public can attend SEPAWG meetings, provide oral comment during the public comment period for each meeting, and are encouraged to submit written comments. All feedback we receive will be used to inform advisory group agenda items, discussions and questions.

For questions about this work group, you may contact Casey Hilton at casey.hilton@state.co.us. Interested parties may subscribe to receive updates from the MED. 

Please note: SEPAWG meetings are temporarily on hold during the 2024 legislative session.


Work Group Materials:

Meeting Dates
Please note: meetings have been moved to bimonthly.

November Meeting

November 13, 2023

August Meeting

August 28, 2023

June Meeting

June 26, 2023

April Meeting

April 24, 2023

February Meeting

February 27, 2023

January Meeting

January 23, 2023

November Meeting

November 28, 2022

October Meeting

October 24, 2022

September Meeting

September 28, 2022

Second August Meeting

August 22, 2022

First August Meeting

August 10, 2022

*All meetings are virtual unless otherwise specified in the agenda. 

Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83537041432?pwd=UlN5WTRXRFlJMllpMC9heGgzb1hvd…;
Meeting ID: 835 3704 1432
Passcode: 449620
To Call in: (253) 215-8782