MED Responsible Vendor Training Program Provider Applicants

The Responsible Vendor Program was developed to assist Medical and Retail Marijuana Stores, Medical and Retail Marijuana Transporters, and Licensed Hospitality Businesses in finding appropriate public health and compliance training for staff. Stores, Transporters, and Hospitality Businesses that have successfully completed and maintained responsible vendor training are designated as responsible vendors by the Program Provider. Per Rule 8-235 (C)(2)(d), if a Regulated Marijuana Business is found to be in violation, previously established and maintained responsible vendor designation shall be considered a mitigating factor when considering a penalty as a result of a violation.

Only approved Responsible Vendor Program Providers are able to designate a Store, Transporter, or Hospitality Businesses a responsible vendor after successful completion of the training program.

Responsible Vendor Program Provider Application Process

New and renewing applicants may submit a complete application packet by mail, or drop off in-person, to:

Marijuana Enforcement Division - Responsible Vendor Program
1697 Cole Boulevard, Suite 200
Lakewood, CO 80401

The application packet must include:

  • A completed application
  • Payment of the fee ($1,037 for new applications, $427 for renewing applications)
  • A hard copy of the training materials including exams and keys, and the course evaluation (may be scaled to two pages per sheet, double-sided printing is acceptable). Applicants must also retain a digital copy of these materials (in an editable format) as they may be requested by the investigator assigned to review the application. Additional documentation may be requested.
  • Supporting documents (Certificate of Good Standing, and, if operating under a trade name, Certificate of Trade Name).

Application Procedures:

  • A person may not offer a responsible vendor training program to a licensee without obtaining approval from the Division.
  • An applicant must provide any additional information requested by the Division during the application process in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in the denial of an application. 
  • After submission of the training materials, no further changes to the material are permitted during the review process unless they are specifically requested by CDPHE and/or a MED Investigator.
  • A Program Provider must submit its Approved Training Program and core curriculum to the Division for renewal every two years. Failure to renew will result in loss of Program Provider designation.

Online or Virtual Classroom Instruction

  • An Approved Training Program may be delivered in an online or virtual classroom setting provided that the Program Provider can verify the identity of the participant and ensure interactivity throughout the training.
  • A Program Provider offering an Approved Training Program online or in a virtual classroom setting must use a learning management system or its equivalent to verify the identification of each individual attending the Approved Training Program.
  • All Approved Training Programs must comply with the core curriculum and assessment requirements as articulated in Rules 3-520.

Core Curriculum

  • A Program Provider must submit its program and core curriculum for renewal every two years.
  • An approved Program Provider must keep the core curriculum up-to-date, ensuring alignment with any changes to the Medical or Retail Codes and their corresponding rules which occurred in between the Program Provider's renewal period. Please also sign up for the MED email subscription service to stay informed of industry updates that may be helpful.
  • Training, whether online or in-person, must be at least two hours in length, though it may be longer.

The MED and CDPHE will only review materials that are required in 3-520. The accuracy of any additional value-added content is the sole responsibility of the Program Provider.

In an effort to assist Program Provider applicants in designing their training materials, we have prepared the MED Responsible Vendor Program Provider Guide that details the material that must be covered according to Rule 3-520, as well as information on where to locate that material.

The MED Rules page has links to Colorado Revised Statutes, Rules, and other helpful information.

Questions about the Responsible Vendor Training Program may be directed to