Liquor Training Resources

In preparation for the upcoming liquor law changes taking place on January 1, 2019, the Liquor Enforcement Division has created online educational resources to assist in navigating the new laws and rule changes from the passage of SB16-197 and SB18-243.Now available (below) are resource guides, as well as an online interactive training on the changes from SB16-197 and SB18-243. Content covered in the training and supplemental resources includes new tasting laws, the age of employees, delivery and price requirements, and full-strength beer transition starting on 1/1/2019.

Review the interactive training regarding recent changes to Colorado liquor laws at https://coliquorlawtraining.dor.state.co.us/

Senate Bill 16-197 &18-243 Training Resources:

As we quickly approach the new year, we are diligently working on publishing additional resources and guides. Stay tuned to our email announcements and keep checking our training site for the new materials to come, including guides for consumers and industry stakeholders.