Liquor Rule Making 47-315

Dear Stakeholders,
Last year, the Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) held a rule making hearing to add regulation 47-315 to define those entities that were eligible for a Lodging and Entertainment (L&E) License.
After discussion with the State Licensing Authority, the LED has decided to cancel the proposed rule (47-315) and have a new rule making process for this issue.
Due to timing, the LED will not to have a separate rule making hearing but to include this issue within the regular rule making process for 2018, which will commence in late May 2018.
Until rules can be adopted concerning this issue, the LED will issue L&E licenses as defined by section 12-47-103(18.5), C.R.S.
If you have any questions, please contact the LED at 303-205-2300.
Patrick Maroney
Director Liquor Enforcement Division