Liquor Lodging & Entertainment Working Group


January 9, 2016 | 1:00PM to 4:00PM | 1881 Pierce Street


December 5, 2016 | 10:00AM to Noon | 1881 Pierce Street



The Liquor Enforcement Division is looking into rule making early next year to address two areas concerning the Lodging and Entertainment License. This rule making session will be separate than the yearly rule making process that usually commences after the legislative session. The two issues to be discussed are:

  1. Provide a definition of a "Lodging Facility" and "Entertainment Facility." The Division would like industry input in creating a regulation that provides these definitions since several business models have been proposed which are borderline within fitting the definitions provided in statute.
  2. Provide a regulation addressing the issue the transfers of tavern licenses after August 10, 2017 that don't fit the tavern definition, specifically - should a business who had a tavern license as of August 10, 2016 but do not fit the definition of a tavern be able to transfer their license as a tavern in the future. Currently, the Division has said no, but would like industry input for the creation of a rule to address this issue.