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Regulation 47-924. Importation and Sole Source of Supply/Brand Registration.

A. Before any person, firm, company, partnership, or corporation ships any alcohol beverages into the State of Colorado, each such entity shall be properly licensed by the state licensing authority. The only exceptions to licensing for importation may be found under 44-3-104 and 44-3-106, C.R.S.

B. Prior to the sale or shipment of any alcohol beverages into the State of Colorado, each licensed manufacturer, non-resident manufacturer or importer shall submit to the state licensing authority a complete and approved report, on forms prepared and furnished by the state licensing authority, which shall detail: the licensee's name and license number, the designated Colorado licensed wholesaler(s), the name of the United States primary source of supply, the products to be imported, including the brand name, class or type, and fanciful name, and evidence of compliance with federal labeling requirements found in the "Federal Alcohol Administration Act" 27 CFR Subchapter A-Liquors Part 4, Subpart D, Part 5, subpart D, and Part 7, Subpart C. The import licensee, if not the product manufacturer, shall also include with said form a separate letter from the primary source of supply designating such import licensee as the primary source in the United States or the sole source of supply in Colorado. A separate form is required for each primary source. Each non-resident manufacturer, manufacturer and importer shall also remit with said form the appropriate brand registration and/or sole source fee(s). A separate sole source fee is required for each primary source that an importer represents.

C. Should the primary source of supply change its designated licensed importer, the newly designated licensed importer is required to submit the same information described in paragraph B of this regulation on required forms thirty (30) days prior to shipment of any alcohol beverages. The newly designated importer shall also remit the appropriate sole source and brand registration fees with said form.

The material incorporated by reference shall be those effective as of January 1, 2019. Material incorporated by reference in this rule does not include later amendments to or editions of the incorporated material. Copies of the material incorporated by reference may be obtained by contacting the Director of the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue, 1697 Cole Boulevard, Suite 200, Golden, Colorado, 80401, and copies of the material may be examined at any state publication depository library.