License Fees

License Fees Table  (updated 02/05/2021)

Gaming License Fees (2-Year License)

Effective July 1, 2015, License Fees have increased. Please refer to the following tables for fees:

Gaming License Types
  As of July 1, 2015
Manufacturer/Distributor-Type 1 (original and renewal) $3,700
Manufacturer/Distributor-Type 2 (original and renewal) $7,400
Associated Equipment Supplier (Type 1) $3,700
Associated Equipment Supplier (Type 2) $7,400
Operator-Type 1 (original and renewal) $3,700
Operator-Type 2 (original and renewal) $7,400
Retailer-Type 1 (original and renewal) $5,500
Retailer-Type 2 (original and renewal) $8,000
Key Employee (original) - fingerprinted by the Division** $275
Key Employee (original) - fingerprinted by outside vendor** $235
Key Employee (renewal) $215
Support Employee (original)- fingerprinted by the Division** $115
Support Employee (original)- fingerprinted by outside vendor** $75
Support Employee (renewal) $70

* Type 1 applicants have six or fewer persons with a 5% or more interest in the license, all of whom live in Colorado. All others are Type 2 applicants.

**Applicants for Key and Support license are required to be fingerprinted. Applicants may choose to be fingerprinted by the Division or by an approved outside vendor. Outside fingerprinting vendors will determine their own fees for this service.

Background Deposits

Type 1 Applicants $5,000
Type 2 Applicants $10,000
Key Employee $1,000
Support Employee N/A

* The Division of Gaming collects a background deposit to cover the costs of conducting a thorough background check. The Division bills against this deposit at a rate of $84 per hour and also charges for any travel or out-of-pocket expenses. Any remaining amounts of money at the end of the background investigation are refunded to the applicant. The hourly rate is subject to annual review and change on July 

Table Game

Persons seeking approval of a table game shall pay a fee of $2,250.00 for costs of inspection, examination, and evaluation of the game and for drafting regulations and internal control minimum procedures governing play and control of such game.