Gaming Support License Online Renewal

Support licenses may now be renewed online. You will need to use your license number and your Social Security Number in order to create a user ID and access the online renewal system. This service is also available for duplicate badges and updating demographic information.

Licensee Responsibilities

  1. Report Arrests: As a licensee, you are required to let the Division of Gaming know when you are arrested.
  2. Report Court Appearances: As a licensee, you are required to let the Division of Gaming know when you go to court.
  3. Update Contact Information: As a licensee, you are required to update the Division of Gaming with your new address if you move.
  4. Report Underage Gambling: As a licensee, it's everyone's responsibility to keep people under 21 from gambling or lingering in the casino. If you see someone underage, report it.

Requirements for online renewal applications are the same as if you visit one of the Division of Gaming's locations or mail in an application. You should be in good standing with all Gaming Regulations before attempting to renew online. You have ninety (90) days to renew your license before it expires. Do not try to renew online the day before your license expires. Applicants will need to come into a Gaming office at least once every 6 years to have your photo retaken if a badge is required. If you have questions or concerns please visit one of our offices or call (303) 205-1300.

To renew online, ensure you have the necessary information collected and available to upload electronically before beginning the online application.

Please ensure you have proper identification to upload, as well as complete the following forms to upload:

Instructions for pdf files: Open the pdf file from your browser or Adobe Reader (download for free here). Download the file to your computer. You must download the file in order to be able to provide an electronic signature. Complete the highlighted sections in the pdf file and save a copy to your computer or device. Use the electronic signature function in Adobe Reader to sign the form. Alternatively, you may print the pdf files and complete them manually. If you choose to complete the forms manually you will have to scan them to your computer and save them. Upload the signed, completed, and saved pdf file in the appropriate sections in the online application.

To begin the process for online renewal, click on this e-government link to start your online application. A credit card is necessary for making payments online and users will be charged $.75 per transaction plus 2.25% of the amount of the service fee. Submissions will not be accepted once your badge expiration date has passed.

Access Online Renewal Application