Apply for a Gaming Business License

How to Apply

New business applications can take six months to a year or more to complete, depending upon the complexity of the investigation and the workload of the Division's background staff.

To apply, please submit a completed application. To fill out this application electronically, you must download it first.  Then it may be filled out and saved.

Schedule a Licensing Appointment

The Division of Gaming appointment scheduling link is being maintained by the Division of Motor Vehicle section. Should you experience any problems scheduling an appointment or have questions about the process, please call 303-205-1300. Thank you.



Application Checklist



  1. Completed Sports Betting Business License Application Form
  2. Copy of Form of Identification
  3. Criminal History Dispositions (if applicable)
  4. Additional supporting documents, if required:
    1. IAGR Multi-Jurisdictional Personal History Form 
    2. Colorado Rider to IAGR Form

How to Submit Your Application


Completed applications and forms may be delivered or mailed to the Division of Gaming offices.



Submit by Email

Email your application to:



Submit by Mail or Drop Off

1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300
Lakewood, CO 80401


Note: A business gaming license is considered a public benefit. Under Colorado law, persons applying for a public benefit must establish lawful presence in the United States by providing certain types of identification and submitting a signed affidavit. The renewal application contains the necessary forms to establish lawful presence. For more information on lawful presence requirements, visit the main Department of Revenue web site.