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Filing a Sports Betting Patron Complaint

Types of Complaints


Types of Complaints Investigated by the Division of Gaming


Complaints Not Investigated by the Division of Gaming


Before Filing a Complaint


  1. Contact the Sports Betting Operator, where the encounter occurred, and explain the problem.

  2. Per rule Sports Betting Rule 6.13 (1) Patron Disputes; A Sports Betting Operation shall attempt to resolve all patron disputes with the patron. A Sports Betting Operation shall investigate each patron complaint and provide a response to the patron within ten (10) business days. 

  1. If the Sports Betting Operator does not satisfactorily resolve the problem, then file a written complaint with the Division of Gaming. 

File a Complaint


  • The Division of Gaming focuses on complaints that may have a fraud component.

  • Acceptance of your complaint does not guarantee that an investigation will be initiated.

  • Neither the Division of Gaming nor the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission, has the authority to order compensatory damages or restitution in a case.

1. Preliminary Resolution Steps
  • Stop! Before filing your complaint, you must have completed all steps listed in the BEFORE FILING A COMPLAINT section above.

  • If you have attempted these steps and found no resolution, proceed to step 2 below.

2. Complaint Form

Proceed to the Sports Betting Patron Complaint Google Form. *This form has required sections that must be completed prior to submission.


  • Describe the events in the order in which they happened and include dates, names, and places.
  • Be accurate and detailed as possible.
  • List all witnesses, addresses and phone numbers.
  • All information must be true and correct to the best of your knowledge and belief. This information is not confidential and possibly may be released under the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act

Complaints Resolutions


Complaint Assignments

  1. When a complaint is received, it is assigned to a Compliance Specialist or Investigator.

  2. During the course of the resolution, the DOG may contact the complainant to discuss the issues raised and may also encourage the Sports Betting Operator to contact the complainant directly to resolve the complaint.

  3. After receiving information from both parties, the DOG determines if the facts support a violation of the law.

Complaint Findings

  1. IF it is determined that a violation of the law did not occur, the complainant will be notified.
  2. IF it is determined that a violation occurred, the patron and operator are notified. The DOG will attempt to mediate a fair resolution between the dealer and the complainant. The complainant will be advised of the operator's agreement and time table to resolve the complaint.
  3. Upon conclusion, the complainant will be notified by telephone or in writing of the action taken.

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