Distillery Pub License

On Friday, April 24, Governor Hickenlooper signed HB15-1204 which became law at the time of his signature. This bill created a new license type called a Distillery Pub and has a lot of the same features as a Brew Pub license.

The Distillery Pub is a retail level of liquor license and will go through the same process as a brew pub to include (but not limited to) a needs and desires hearing, posting requirement, background investigation and fingerprint check.

In response to the new license, the Liquor Enforcement Division has modified form DR8404 to include a Distillery Pub. This form is also available on our website.
The Division also made minor changes from input we received from the clerks and will hopefully be a little easier.
In order to help streamline the application process, the Division has decided to modify question #20 and WILL NOT require 100% ownership reporting. Only stockholders, partners, or members with ownership of 10% or more in the Applicant will need to be recorded.
This is a change in what the Division has required in the past as we have required 100% ownership reporting. The applicant will have to affirm that no individual other than these disclosed, owns 10% or more of the applicant, and does not have ownership in a prohibited liquor license pursuant to Title 47 or 48, C.R.S.
Lastly, the new DR8404 form is a .pdf file that can be saved with information. This is different than previous forms where you could not save the file with inputted information. The Division will be converting other liquor forms to the same format within the next few months.
DR 8404(Updated 8/10/16)