2021 MED Licensee Demographic Information

Regulated Marijuana License Demographic Information - May 2021

Cannabis Cabinet Wildly Important Goal (WIG) FY 20-21: Increase equity and diversity in the cannabis industry by 10% [from 191 minority and 375 women owners to 210 minority and 413 women owners] by June 30, 2021; establish a cannabis industry technical assistance program for members of underrepresented communities by June 30, 2021; and establish a workgroup to evaluate and develop a strategic plan by June 30, 2021 to address criminal history disclosure requirements for licensing and expungement or sealing of records.

Regulated Marijuana Business Owners*

Licensee Measure


2018 Data

As of May 1, 2021


Total Number of Licensees 

Minority Owners




Women Owners





Overall Individual License Data as of  May 1, 2021

Gender Data (99% Response Rate): 

  • Employee Licenses: Women Licensees: women hold approximately 39% of employee licenses.
  • Owner Licenses: Women hold about 19% of owner licenses.

Gender Date:

License Type  Female      Male          Non-Binary Not Disclosed  Total               
Employee 16,152 24,918 51 151 41,272
Owner 341 1,426 0 3 1,770


Race/Ethnicity Data: 

  • Employee Licenses: Approximately 58% or 23,928 Employee licensees did not disclose or their race/ethnicity is unknown.
  • Owner Licensees: Approximately 12% of 221 Owner licensees did not disclose or their race/ethnicity is unknown.

Race/Ethnicity Data & Percentages By License Type (Excludes the  “Undisclosed/Unknown” Licenses)

License Type Asian Black Caucasian Hispanic/Latino Mixed Race Native American Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Total  
Employee 245
Owner 58
Grantd Totals 303
  • Employee Licenses: Those who disclosed their race/ethnicity as Caucasian held 68.5% of Employee licenses, compared to 5.8% who disclosed themselves as Black, and 16.5% for those who disclosed themselves as Hispanic/Latino.
  • Owner Licenses: Those who disclosed themselves as Caucasian held 86.0% of owner licenses, compared to 2.0% for those who disclosed themselves as Black and 7.0% for Hispanic/Latino.

Race/Ethnicity Data by Regulated Marijuana Business Entity - May 2021

A “Regulated Marijuana Business Entity” used in this context is an individual Regulated Marijuana Business that possesses at least one Marijuana Business license issued by the DOR MED. Therefore, for each Owner Licensee who has disclosed his/her demographic information, there will be at least one Regulated Marijuana Business Entity for which that person is associated as an Owner. Each Regulated Marijuana Business Entity possesses at least one marijuana business license but may possess more than one license.

Other Considerations

  • License Categories Reflected in the Data: The analysis reflects the following categories of Regulated Marijuana Business licenses: (1) Medical/Retail/Accelerator Store; (2) Medical/Retail/Accelerator Cultivation; (3) Medical/Retail/Accelerator Products Manufacturer; (4) Medical/Retail Testing Facility; (5) Medical/Retail Transporter; (6) Hospitality and Hospitality & Sales; and (7) R&D Facility.
  • Voluntary Disclosure: The data provided herein is based on information applicants and licensees provide on a voluntary basis. Such information is requested on applications to verify identity but is not required to accept or process an application. Therefore, the race/ethnicity and gender data provided herein do not reflect the full scope of Regulated Marijuana Business Owner demographics.
  • Owners of Multiple Regulated Marijuana Business Entities: The analysis takes into account individuals who own multiple Regulated Marijuana Business Entities. If two or more individuals possess an interest in the same Regulated Marijuana Business Entity, that entity is only counted once for purposes of this analysis. For example, if “John” owns MJ Biz 1, MJ Biz 2, and MJ Biz 3, and “Jane” owns MJ Biz 1, the analysis will reflect that two individuals have ownership in three (3) Regulated Marijuana Business Entities.
  • Evolution of Ownership Categories Due to Legislative and Regulatory Changes:
    • The continued evolution of ownership and investment categories throughout the years due to legislative and regulatory updates has resulted in several different ways that ownership is tracked, reported, recorded in the MED’s licensing system. See SB16-040 and HB19-1090. For example, under prior law, all owners of Regulated Marijuana Businesses were subject to disclosure and approval requirements. However, as a result of HB19-1090, some owners are now exempt from disclosure (statute now distinguishes between “Controlling Beneficial Owners” and “Passive Beneficial Owners”).
    • Both individuals and entities can hold an Owner License. When an entity is the owner of the Regulated Marijuana Business Entity (such as a holding company), the individuals that comprise the ownership of that holding company are often several layers removed from the Regulated Marijuana Business Entity. Regulated Marijuana Business structures with several holding companies significantly increase the complexity of the MED’s analysis when seeking to associate individual demographic information to each Regulated Marijuana Business Entity. 
    • The reporting of ownership beyond individuals or holding companies varies according to each unique business structure (e.g. ownership in the form of percent of company, stocks held, level of control, etc.). This introduces complexities when seeking to determine the market share down to the level of the individual when comparing across a variety of factors.

Owner and Regulated Marijuana Business Entity Data as of May 1, 2021

License Type Asian Black Caucasian Hispanic/Latino Mixed Race Native American Native Hawaiian
/Pacific Islander
Owner 58 37 1,318 108 20 5 3 221
Regulated Marijuana Business Entities Represented 60 56 1,015 129 20 4 5 198


Owner and Regulated Marijuana Business Entity Data as of May 1, 2021 (There are 1,182 Regulated Marijuana Business Entities)

License Type Asian Black Caucasian Hispanic
Mixed Race   Native American Native Hawaiian
/Pacific Islander

Regulated Marijuana Business Entities with 50% or more ownership interest.
32 19 779 72 15 3 4 94

Historical/Baseline License Data

AS PREVIOUSLY REPORTED Regulated Marijuana Business Owners
Licensee Measure Baseline 2018 Data As of December 1, 2020 As of January 1, 2021 As of February 1, 2021 As of March 1, 2021 As of April 1, 2021


By June 30, 2021

Total Number of Licensees

Minority Owners 191 202 206 206 203 213 210
Women Owners 375 347 358 358 341 339 413