2020 Liquor Rules Working Group Member Selections

June 22, 2020

Dear Liquor Stakeholders,

Thank you to everyone who submitted their name to be included as a formal representative of their respective groups on our registration survey for the 2020 Rulemaking year. Attached is a sheet detailing the final selections.

We would like to remind everyone that their voice is important, and written comments are always accepted and reviewed, regardless of formal working group inclusion status. Written comments should be submitted to: dor_led_rulemaking@state.co.us. Furthermore, we promise to be mindful of allowing time at the end of working group sessions for comments from anyone in attendance as time and technology allows.

We have a lot of very important work to do this year, and we look forward to your thoughtful insight as we embark on this rulemaking season.

Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division