MED Employee License Application

Before You Apply

Be aware that applying for or holding a MED Employee License and/or working within the Colorado Regulated Marijuana Space may have adverse Federal Immigration consequences.

    How to Apply

    Please review the employee application carefully to ensure you are eligible to hold this type of MED license. Once you have determined you are eligible, follow the steps outlined below to submit your application. Don't forget to include all necessary supporting documentation and the full $105.00 application fee. Incomplete applications, a lack of supporting documentation, or failure to submit the application fee will result in a delayed processing time. 

    Application Checklist




    Recognizing the value of a collaborative approach to problem-solving, the MED is asking for your help to minimize ongoing processing delays. In order to support the MED's efficient intake and processing of applications, please consider the following prior to submitting your application: 


      • Download and complete the MED Employee License Application,  unless you are submitting it digitally and will complete it online. Here is the online application (also available below).
      • Conduct a final review of your application to ensure it's complete in its entirety (including any necessary supporting documentation)
      • Ensure your (the applicant) signature is provided in all required fields in the application

      • MED Required Forms of Identifications
      • You must have some form of identification to apply.
      • Your identification must have a photo
      • You can live anywhere in the U.S. and apply for a Colorado MED License/Badge.
      • Keep in mind that the MED License/Badge is only valid in Colorado.  
      • You can apply with an out-of-state ID; however, the ID must be current and Real ID Compliant.
      • If your ID is current but not Real ID compliant, then you must provide a secondary form of identification, which can include:
        • a state-certified birth certificate, or
        • social security card, or
        • a valid US passport.  
      • You must include a copy of your identification in the application. 
      • If your identification does not list your current correct address, you can still use it to apply - please make sure you provide your current address on your application. Once a license is approved, the MED badge will be mailed to the mailing address listed on the application.

      The MED has resumed in-person appointment-based services. If you have an in-person appointment ONLY, you may have your fingerprints taken during your in-person appointment. The cost for having fingerprints taken at the MED will be an additional $39.50. Payments can be made by check, money order and credit/debit cards. No cash will be accepted.

      If you are applying online, by mail or via drop-off - you must use a third-party fingerprint provider. Customers can find information on the available third-party fingerprint service providers below. If you are submitting your application online, via USPS or dropping off your application, please have your fingerprints done after submitting your application (preferably within 7 days of submission). You may make an appointment ahead of time utilizing the appointment scheduling link, however, you must submit your application PRIOR TO being fingerprinted by a third party:

      The MED cannot complete the intake of your application without your payment of the Employee License Application Fee of $105.00.

      • Please include a check, money order, or credit card authorization with your application submission. NO CASH can be accepted at this time.
        • If you are paying by check or money order please make it payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue or CDOR. 
        • If you are paying by check or money order, please send only the amount due.  DO NOT add on extra service fees, as they do not apply to fees submitted by mail.

      • To accommodate email submissions, the MED is also offering an online payment option available via the Colorado Interactive Payment System. For applicants using this online payment option, a MED staff member will contact you via email with a link to submit your payment.
      • PLEASE NOTE: inaccurate payment may delay the issuance of your license. Full and proper payment is required, so please double-check your payment before submitting it! For a summary of fees, please see our MED Fee Schedule.

      Submit Your Application


      Submit Digitally

      For NEW applications, use your computer, phone, or another device with internet access to submit your applicationFor detailed instructions see our training video.


      Submit by Mail

      Colorado Springs/Southern Regional Office
      2447 North Union Blvd. 
      Colorado Springs, CO  80909

      Grand Junction/Western Slope Regional Office
      632 Market Street, Suite G3
      Grand Junction, CO 81505

      Lakewood Office
      1697 Cole Blvd., Suite 200
      Lakewood, CO 80401



      Drop Off Your Application
      Lakewood Office Only 

      Lakewood Office ONLY - 1707 Cole Blvd. Suite 300, Lakewood, CO 80401.  The MED Lakewood Office Drop Box is only available from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please place your complete applications in an envelope to keep the application intact. 


      In-Person (Appointments Only)
      At MED Office Locations 


      • Please utilize the appointment scheduling link to schedule an appointment. This tool will allow you to choose your appointment type and the location closest to you.  
      • You must have your completed application and any additional documentation available at the time of your scheduled appointment.
      • If you arrive more than ten (10) minutes late for your scheduled appointment, your appointment will be canceled and you must reschedule.
      • For more information regarding in-person appointments, visit our Appointment Based In-Person Services webpage.


      I've Submitted My Application, What's Next?

      • If you pass your background check your badge will be mailed to the mailing address you provided on your application.

        • Be aware that by applying for an occupational license you have agreed that if your application is approved, you will keep the MED informed of any change of your home address and other contact information.  You can do this via email at

      • If we need more information you will be notified and given a period of time within which to provide us with the requested information.

      • If you fail your background check you will be notified and advised what steps you can take to become eligible for licensure. 

      Application Processing

      We are up-to-date on processing applications! 

      The MED strives to provide excellent customer service by providing a range of methods by which applicants can submit their applications and by applying resources focused on supporting the efficient intake and processing of applications.

      We receive a large number of Employee License applications that are deemed incomplete due to missing documentation or information required to process the application.  This creates processing delays because we must expend additional staff resources focused on obtaining the required information from applicants.

      We apologize for any inconvenience caused by processing delays and appreciate your assistance in ensuring the application you submitted includes all required information necessary for efficient processing. 

      If it has been three to four weeks since your application was submitted or you provided additional information to complete your application submission, check our MED Licensee Verification webpage to see if your license has been issued.