MED Resources and Statistics

As of October 1, 2020

Medical Marijuana Business License Numbers:

  • 466Cultivations
  • 5 Delivery (Permits)
  • 6 Operators
  • 216Product Manufacturers
  • 1 Research and Development and Research Cultivation
  • 433Stores
  • 10Testing Facilities
  • 6 Transporters

Retail Marijuana Businesses License Numbers:

  • 711 Cultivations
  • 3 Hospitality
  • 8 Operators
  • 286Product Manufacturers
  • 598 Stores
  • 11Testing Facilities
  • 10Transporters

Individual Licensees:

  • 1,693 Business Owners Licensees
  • 39,777 Employee Licensees

MED Licensee Demographic Data



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